The individuals listed here are satisfied and supportive RMC customers who purchased either directly or through their luthiers. They are all extraordinary players and some of them will justifiably remain well known for many generations to come.

Some became good friends and continue to help us develop the best products available. Here, we share our pride in their patronage and our respect for their legacy.

In the text, a Signature instrument means the featured artist's personal model available from the listed builder.  Some of these instruments are offered with factory-installed RMC products.  See our Instrument Builders section for more details.

Adrian Belew

This famous guitar innovator uses Pow'r Bridge PF saddles and Poly-Drive 1 in his AB Signature Parker guitar.  Parker is offering this RMC-equipped model as a limited-edition instrument.

Adrian Legg

Fostering much admiration, amazement and even laughter, this renowned fingerstylist uses Fanout Box on stage and in the studio. 

Al DiMeola

This fiery guitar genius tours extensively worldwide and is always exhilarating to watch in concert. Uses Acoustic Gold pickup with Poly-Drive II in a classical guitar.

Allan Holdsworth

A musical legend in his own time, this most influential guitarist uses Pow'r Bridge "W" pickup with Poly-Drive I on a Deluxe Carvin Signature guitar.

Alain Caron

- " Dr. McClish, you prescription is highly addictive " -

A long-time friend , this Canadian master of the six-string fretless amazes with his precise yet powerful touch. Using Bass Excellence pickups with Poly-Drive 1 electronics in his Signature bass with synth access by 'F' Basses.

Alex DeGrassi

A great talent and Bay Area neighbor, this influential fingerstylist uses Acoustic Gold pickups with Poly-Drive II to amplify and record his many guitars.

Anthony Jackson

A polished perfectionist with a vision, a top session bassist in New-York, an author of numerous articles in GPI publications, and a true gentleman.
Using Bass Excellence pickup with passive electronics in his Signature bass by FODERA Guitars of Brooklyn NY.

Bruce Dunlap

This master of the nine string classic guitar plays small and large venues, Jazz ensemble and symphonic orchestra with the same unbelievable mastery.
Using Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II with his custom guitar by VIZCARRA Guitars of Santa Fe, NM.

Buster B. Jones

- " Hell, I'm not playing this guitar on stage without an RMC in it " -

This Nashville-based monster fingerpicker often plays duos with Thom Bresh and they bring the house down every time. Thanks for teaching me a few licks from time to time . . .
Uses Acoustic Gold pickup and BMT-300GS/XLR in a nylon-string GODIN MultiAc as well as steel-string acoustic/electric by PLUMMER Guitars

California Guitar Trio

This unforgettable ensemble featuring Paul Richards, Bert Lams and Hideyo Moriya was founded in Los Angeles in 1991.  Since then, their virtuosity and sense of humor has earned them an enthusiastic following and notoriety in the progressive acoustic and classical music scenes.  All three members are using Acoustic Gold pickups and Poly-Drive II preamps in  hand-made steel-string acoustic Breedlove guitars.


Oochie, Coochie Coo ... Yes, she's a seasoned entertainer and comedian, but above all a brilliant musician with excellent technique and a vast repertoire. Using Acoustic Gold and Poly-Drive IV in a hand-made classical guitar.

Chris Carrington

- " Right away it felt natural and acoustic . . . the audience felt it too. Then I fired up the synth and it tracked perfectly.

Also highly recognized for his instrument building skills, this versatile classical guitar virtuoso plays and records the traditional repertoire as well as contemporary pieces. He sometimes tours with Al DiMeola in the World Synfonia trio. Uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II with his own Carrington guitars. Chris is based in Dallas TX.

Earl Klugh

This renowned Jazz fingerstylist crossed over to nylon strings a few years ago and is known for his fine work with George Benson, Chet Atkins and many others in addition to his praised solo and ensemble work.
Using Acoustic Gold pickup and BMT-220G in a (majestic) classical guitar by Paul McGill of Nashville TN.

Fareed Haque

An accomplished jazz guitarist, university professor and alternative music composer/arranger is a featured columnist in the 'Sessions' section of Guitar Player magazine. Toured with Joe Zawinul (Weather Report) and, if I remember well, can play a mean trade show demo. . . 
Using Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II with a classic guitar by Fleta Also plays a GODIN MultiAc with factory-installed Acoustic Gold and Poly-Drive IV.

Gary Cook

- " The RMC system optimizes the tracking performance of all guitar/synths" -

A highly talented clinican and sales executive with several major companies, Gary loves our pickups.
Using Pow'r Bridge "W" and Poly-Drive I in a custom-crafted Brian Moore MC-1, and also an Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive IV retro-fitted in a Takamine cutaway acoustic-electric by master repairman Gary Brawer of San Francisco CA.

Guy Van Duser

The well-known fingerstylist and arranger (Stride Guitar - a book of guitar arrangements from Mel Bay publications) uses Acoustic Gold and poly-Drive IV in a nylon string guitar crafted by StevenWarshaw. He sometimes supplements the pickup system with a microphone for studio as well as sound reinforcement purposes.  

Jeff Linsky

This impressive concertist performs Brazilian, Jazz and Classical pieces on stage and in the studio with the greatest of ease. Jeff also markets his own line of acoustic instruments, many of which are RMC-equipped. Using Acoustic Gold pickups and Poly-Drive IV in a custom nylon-string acoustic guitar. 

Jesse Cook

- " The sound is simply Fantastic" -

An emerging force in Nouveau Flamenco style, this Canadian-born maverick uses FANOUT Box to process the polyphonic sound of Acoustic Gold pickups and Poly-Drive IV in a custom nylon-string acoustic guitar.

Jim Nicholls

A friend and Bay Area neighbor, this consumate exponent of the country Jazz idiom is using Acoustic Gold pickups and Poly-Drive IV in both a Godin MultiAc and a custom acoustic-electric by Haynes Guitars of El Sobrante CA.

John McLaughlin

- "Dear Richard,  ..... You have without doubt the most superior system in the world" -

I was very touched by these words. This extraordinary virtuoso impresses anyone who truly loves the guitar with his versatility and innovative concepts.  Uses an RMC-equipped Godin LGXT as well as Pow'r Bridge ST pickup saddles and Poly-Drive 1 preamp in a custom-built Mike Saber solidbody electric.

John Pizzarelli

This well-known East-Coast Jazz master uses Pow'r bridge G saddles and Poly-Drive 1 in a hollow-body custom archtop.

Ken Hatfield

- " Thanks for making such a great pickup - Hope you like the music! " 

You bet I did... The former director of the Composition Dept. at Berkelee School of Music is a tremendous composer and distinctive player who excels at Classical, Jazz and Latin styles using Acoustic Gold pickups and Poly-Drive IV in a Buscarino Cabaret classical guitar.

Lee Ritenour

- " Sounds great ! Tracks really well ! " -

Another of my personal heroes on the instrument, Captain Fingers uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive IV in a nylon-string semi-acoustic guitar by Sadosky Guitars of New-York, NY, and also got a second system with a Poly-Drive II for his custom Yamaha classic. Pickup installation performed by Renson Guitars of North Hollywood CA.

Liona Boyd

-"It really works for me "-

The First Lady of Classical guitar uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in a custom built classical guitar.

Leo Kottke

-"At first listen between the RMC and the magnetic (pickup) I was using, the RMC is a hands-down winner "-

The fingerstyle giant, author, composer, producer (and great story teller) upgraded his main axe from magnetic pickups to RMC and uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in a Signature steel-string acoustic by TAYLOR Guitars of El Cayon CA.

Lincoln Goines

" The RMC blends well with the Mags, you hear it just like you play it" 

A sensitive, yet powerful player and composer, author of technical books on Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums, he played & toured with Mike Stern and Dave Valentin in addition to his studio and ensemble work.  Uses POW'R BASS pickup and passive electronics in many of his basses, including a magnificent 5-string Emperor Bass by FODERA Guitars of Brooklyn NY.

Marc Antoine

-"I can finally cut through without feedback or leakage . . .  even when dueling with saxophones.  It's just amazing !"-

Well known on the Smooth Jazz scene, Marc tours with Bobby Caldwell, Dave Koz, Chris Botti, Brian Culbertson and many others.  Plays a Paul McGill Super Ace nylon-string guitar with Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive IV preamp.

Matt Garrison

A fundamental exponent of Joe Zawinul's incredible band and occasionally touring with John McLaughlin, Matt uses POW'R BASS pickup and passive electronics in a 5-string electric bass by Fodera Guitars of Brooklyn NY.

Michael Johnson

This Nashville-based session king uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in a steel-string acoustic. Installation by Joe Glazier of Nashville TN.

Michel Cusson

 " Sound checks got real easy with RMC "

A long-time friend (better  known nowadays as a composer of movie soundtracks) this talented Jazz, Fusion and Rock guitarist founded  UZEB (a trio which evolved to a quintet) with renowned bassist Alain Caron.  In addition to the custom pickups we put together for him over the years, he uses GODIN MultiAc (steel & nylon) as well as Godin LGXT guitars.

Oscar Castro-Neves

A referral from Lee Ritenour, Oscar is a major West Coast player, composer and producer favoring latin styles. Uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in a VIZCARRA nylon-string classic.  Installation by Renson Guitars of N. Hollywood CA.

Ottmar Liebert

This world-renowned Nouveau Flamenco / Jazz guitarist is of singular importance in his solo recording work, and also tours extensively as a result . He has co-starred with Carlos Santana on tours and recordings. His website features a very interesting photo gallery. Uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in a custom flamenco guitar by VIZCARRA Guitars of Santa Fe NM.

Pat Metheny

Needing no further introduction, this fantastic jazz guitarist amazes every audience with his extraordinary compositions and interpretations. Uses the Fanout Box .

Paulo Bellinati

- " RMC is the only pickup system that projects properly in large venues " -

This San Paulo-based Brazilian guitar giant has RMC's in most of his performance instruments and hence gathers numerous inquiries from other players and members of the audience with regards to his amplification system. He sometimes calls from Brazil to order for his friends and students since he speaks a very good English.  Uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in various custom guitars from Brazil and Spain., as well as an RMC-equipped FRAMEWORKS silent guitar.

Peter White

-"Thanks for your help, and yes, the RMC pickup is a dream !"-

Peter plays a Paul McGill Super Ace nylon-string guitar with Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive IV preamp.

Roger Hudson

-"the RMC sounds so good ! "-

Roger plays a nylon-string guitar with Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive IV preamp.

Romero Lubambo

-"The RMC is truly great. Nothing else compares"-

A referral from Brazilian virtuoso Paulo Bellinati, this remarkable guitarist is another influential exponent of the effervescent Brazilian scene and equally at ease in Jazz and Latin styles. A tremendous player.
Uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in a Brazilian classic guitar.

Roy Rogers

The well-known country guitarist uses Acoustic Gold pickup and DIFFµ preampI in a custom hand-made steel-string BUSCARINO Guitar.

Sergio Lara (Lara & Reyes)

" I am just writing to let you know that I have been playing a Godin Multiac Nylon SA with your pickup and I could not be more satisfied. After trying many under the saddle pickups on the market in my Maldonado flamenco guitars as well as others, and plugging in the Godin, after just a few shows I can say that this is the best pickup in the market. Keep up the great work and please add me to your list of players and users." 

Steve Erquiaga

This Bay Area-based recording and touring guitar master uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive IV in  both nylon & steel string guitars by HAYNES Guitars of El Sobrante CA and SOMOGYI Guitars of Oakland CA..

Steve Morse

A staple of American rock guitar also performs hi-level nylon-string artistry using Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive IV in a Signature nylon-string guitar by BUSCARINO Guitars of Largo FL.

Steven Pasero

The emerging East-Coast Jazz guitarist uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in a custom nylon-string guitar by WECHTER Guitars of Paw-Paw MI

Strunz & Farrah

" We can hear ourselves better with the RMC.  It has helped improve our synchronicity. We even started using it for 'Live' recordings. The sound checks are a breeze " - Ardeshir Farrah

The incredible L.A.-based duo is best recognized for the intricate 2-part fiery harmony it produces. In order to be in perfect synchronicity irrespective of their acoustic environment, both virtuosos use Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in custom cutaway flamenco guitars by  PEDRO MALDONADO of Madrid, Spain..

Thom Bresh

- " Incredible what you can do with an RMC in your guitar" -
- " I don't want to play a semi-acoustic without it " -

The Nashville-based son of Merle Travis is a formidable picker and a humorous entertainer. Uses Acoustic Gold pickups and Poly-Drive IV in a couple of GODIN MultiAc hollow-body steel-string guitars, and also in custom steel-string acoustic/electric guitars by Del LANGEJANS, HARVEY LEACH and DAVE PLUMMER. Thom recently introduced his personal line of BRESH Acoustic Electric Guitars offering RMC pickup systems as an upgrade option.

Todd Sharp

Rod Stewart's lead guitarist uses Acoustic Gold pickup and Poly-Drive II in a custom nylon-string guitar for the more acoustic tunes.

Victor Wooten

One of the world's best bass guitarists provides the foundation lines for Bela Fleck's artistry using POW'R BASS pickup and a custom version of the Poly-Drive IV in a custom 4-string bass by FODERA GUITARS of Brooklyn NY.